Current news

February 10, 2015

On February 10, 2015 in cooperation with the Department of Trade and Investment UK there was a webinar for British universities-participants of the Global Education Program as well as for British educational agencies working with these universities.

Webinar was held on the platform of the British Embassy in Russia and was administered from London with the support of the Deputy Chief of Mission in Russia and adviser to the Department in Moscow. Webinar was attended by representatives of different universities across the UK from Scotland to Wales and several consulting companies working with these universities.

 During the webinar the latest updates of the GEP were given and main areas for joint promotion activities in the UK were discussed. Namely, posting of information about the GEP on universities websites in the sections about scholarships and adding this information in the leaflets and brochures for marketing campaigns in Russia. Moreover, different ways of informing agents and Russian students currently enrolled in British universities about the GEP were determined.