How to participate


Program grant covers tuition fees and living expenses (travel expenses to and from the student’s place of residence to the university, medical insurance, accommodation, meals and academic literature). Total expenditure for one year of study can not exceed 2 763 600 rubles. Grant is given for the whole duration of a study program.


  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation
  • Enrollment in Master, PhD or Residency Programs in a priority study area at the eligible foreign universities
  • Readiness to return to Russia upon completion of studies and to obtain employment in accordance with the qualification gained for a period of at least 3 years
  • Registration in the electronic system on the Program official website
  • Proof of police clearance
  • Certified copy of diploma (Bachelor or Specialist)
  • Confirmation of having no grounds for the exemption from the employment obligations stated in Article 4 of the Program Refunds Regulations.


  1. Register on the Program official website and get the registration number
  2. Fill in and submit the online application form
  3. Submit scanned copies of required documents
  4. Participate in competitive selection procedure in accordance with the rules and regulations of competitive selection
  5. Wait for the approval by the Program Supervisory Board
  6. Sign the Terms and Conditions and get your grant
  7. Study at one of the eligible university
  8. Find an employing organization from the approved list of prospective employers

 You can find detailed information on participation at Participation Regulations.


Applications are accepted all year round. The 3rd application round is in process.

Online-registration deadline for the 3rd application round: September 6, 2015

4th application round: September 6, 2015 – November, 2015

Deadlines for 2016 will be announced at the end of 2015. 

Document Check List (available in Russian) 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


In order to get an application number in electronic queue, a candidate needs to fill in an online application form and upload the required documents.

As soon as the application form is filled in and all the required documents are uploaded, the candidate is provided with the date and time of the registration which serves as the basis for assigning an application number.

All applications are assessed by the Program Operator to ensure they meet all the Program requirements.

Electronic queues are formed on the basis of 1) degree (Master’s, PhD, Residency programs); 2) area of study (science, education, medicine, engineering and management in the social sphere).


  • Competitive selection is a merit based system
  • Applications are assessed only if the following requirements are met: 
    • An applicant has registered online, filled in the application form and submitted all the required documents;
    • Program Operator has checked an application package for accuracy, completeness, validity and authenticity of information, and has accepted it for processing.
  • All applications are reviewed and evaluated by the experts in the respective fields of study and by the Program Operator in accordance with the Principles and procedures of competitive selection.The decisions are made on the basis of the following approved criteria:
    • Application number in the online registration system
    • Professional experience in accordance with the qualification gained;
    • Publications in scientific journals, indexed in Scopus and Web of Science (only for the candidates applying in the area of science)
    • Enrollment in the eligible university 
  • The finalists of the competition become official participants of the Program only after being approved by the Program Supervisory Board.
  • Those candidates who have failed to provide the complete application package (online registration, submission of all the necessary documents) are not allowed to take part in the competition.


Program finalists approved by the Program Supervisory Board need to sign the Terms and Conditions.

Before signing the Terms and Conditions Program finalists have to provide hard copies of the required documents.

Grant is transferred directly to the Program participant's bank account or to the university (upon participant's request).


In case of termination of the Terms and Conditions unilaterally, Program participant has to send a notification stating the reason for termination.

Notification Form of Termination of the Terms and Conditions (available in Russian) (download) 


Program participant must submit necessary reports during their study and employment periods.

Violation of Program Terms and Conditions.

If Program terms and conditions are violated, the amount of grant given and financial penalties (twice the amount of the grant given) are to be paid.

List of required reports (available in Russian) (download). 

Degrees: 3 (Master’s, PhD and Residency programs)

Priority study areas: 5

Specializations: 32

Eligible universities: 288 from 32 countries

Program participants: no less than 718 Russian citizens