Current news

December 02, 2014

Operator of the Program has begun certification of educational agencies and centers in regard to their understanding of all the terms and condition of the Global Education Program. Certified agencies will consult potential candidates of the Program on the issues of admission to foreign educational institutions.

Official Operator of the Program, Education Development Center at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, has launched certification of educational agencies and centers with the aim of insuring that potential participants of the Program get accurate information on admissions to foreign educational institutions.

Educational agencies and center, willing to participate in the certification process, should send their request to email:


In order to successfully pass the test, an educational agency or center should become familiar with all the regulations and official information about the Program.


After receiving certificates, contact details of the certified educational agencies or centers (website, contact person, telephone number, email) will be published at the official website of the Program ( 


Therefore, from now on potential candidates of the Global Education Program will have an opportunity to get help concerning their admission to foreign universities.